Frequently Asked Questions

Products FAQ

Are the items authentic?

Authentic is defined as clothing made from original factories, using original fabric and with original workmanship.

Our Products are authentic and will come with label cut. We purchase merchandise from trusted independent suppliers of overruns and not directly from the brand owner.

What are overruns and why are there overruns?

To fulfil an order of say 1000 pieces, the factory will always make some extra (maybe a handful per size) in case some pieces do not pass QC and they can immediately replace it to 1000.

Once the order is packed and sent, the extra pieces are sold off as overruns. A lot of these are in perfect condition. Of course some are also sold off as minor defect items which we do not take.

Overruns come in different forms:

  • Retail overruns
  • Overruns made from extra material

How will my items look?

As marketed but with labels cut!

Where possible, we will upload our on try-on photos and/or actual photos from past orders.

All items will be NEW. As overruns are packed separately, there may be slight creases or slight dirt on it (not stains!). These do no constitutes as defects (we do not cater to perfectionists)

Orders FAQ

Can I make changes to my order?

All sales are final. We book the items based on your orders and we will not be able to change once the item has been shipped out from the supplier. Any changes are on a best effort basis.

For changes to shipping address, please email us with your order ID and new address.

Can I cancel the order or get a refund if the clothes are the wrong size or not to my liking?

All sales are final.

For help with sizing and choosing between styles, contact us first ♥🙂

Please note Shipment delays do not qualify for refunds.

Shipping FAQ

Are the prices stated inclusive of tax for overseas buyers?

All prices on our websites are EXCLUDING tax for orders outside of Singapore.

Import fees vary by country, to get an estimate of the expected fees due in your region please reach out to your local DHL / Fedex / customs representative for the best possible estimate.

We are not liable for additional shipping charges incurred upon delivery and will not accept returns or issue refunds to customers on orders that were not received due to unpaid duties.

How long does it take for me to receive my order?

Based in Singapore, shipping worldwide 😄 !

We will arrange with the respective factories to ship them out to us once we receive your order. 

  • 80% of these will reach us in 14 business days
  • 15% of these will reach us in 18 business days
  • 5% of these will reach us in 21 business days

For overseas buyers, once your order reaches us from the factory, we will use your selected postage choice (standard mail / DHL / Fedex) and ship them out to you. Standard postage can take up 14 to 21 business days. DHL / Fedex takes 5 to 7 business days.

For orders with multiple items, we will only send your order out once everything has reached us. If you would like to receive a portion of it earlier, kindly email us to request for it.

For Singapore buyers, we use only tracked courier service and takes 2 to 3 business days for the items to reach you. 

Can I request items to be shipped by a certain time?

Shipping earlier than the estimated shipping time frame is on a best effort basis.

Kindly refrain from asking for shipping updates on orders before the estimated time has elapsed.

If you have more than 1 item in your order, we can only ship your items when all items are in our warehouse.

If you like to receive some items first, check out separately, or email us to top up for shipping 🧡

If you will be away and would like to receive the items later, please email to let us know.

What happens if my parcel gets lost in transit by the courier?

For Overseas Buyers

For orders shipped via FedEx or DHL, the standard coverage will be SGD20 per kg.

If you would like higher coverage, please purchase additional coverage under the item "Shipping Insurance".

Please note that coverage will depend on the declared value of the item(s) or up to SGD 500, whichever lower.

For orders shipped via standard postage, the coverage will be SGD 100 or the declared value, whichever lower. There is no extended insurance for standard postage.

For Singapore Buyers

Coverage of the product price, up to SGD 300, whichever lower. There is no extended insurance for local postage.